Bart Remes

The goal of the TUDelft micro aerial vehicle lab is to bring drones straight to your pocket. Everybody will have their personal drone and use it in daily life. Pocket drones will be as normal as smartphones. To reach this goal a lot of research is happening at the micro aerial vehicle laboratory of the TUDelft . The smallest opensource autopilot in the world is develop at the MAVlab of the TUDelft. A lot of research is preformed on this 2 by 2 cm devices to make them preform reliable. During this presentation you will see a glimp of the future when the pocket drone will be demonstrated.

Since 2003 Bart Remes is project manager for the micro aerial vehicle lab at the aerospace faculty of the TuDelft. When it began, 11 years ago, nobody believed in the future of this small flying devices. Now the micro aerial vehicle lab of the TuDelft has a central spot in the activities of the aerospace faculty. The prestigious research done at the lab is unique in the world. It ranges from flapping wing vehicles, to hybrids aerial vehicles as well as the smallest open source autopilot in the world, a 2 by 2 cm device.

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