Berit Laanke

Power Road – The Energy Positive Road

Is it possible to build energy positive roads in Norway? Technology and solutions for energy efficient planning, construction, maintenance, demolition and reuse combined with power generation from renewable sources like currents, waves, sun, wind, earth and phase changing materials will be explored – all in a life cycle perspective. The Norwegian highway-project, 'The Coastal Highway Route E39' will be realized along the western coast of Norway during the next 20 years. 7 fjords will be crossed with bridges/subsea tunnels and 1100 km of roads will be connected. The ambition is to integrate technology and solutions for an energy positive highway despite snow and darkness.

Berit Laanke is research director in SINTEF, Scandinavia's largest independent research institute. She leads the SINTEF department of Infrastructure, developing technology for roads, railways, underground space (caverns, tunnels) and arctic infrastructure. Some of today's important topics for interdisciplinary research in SINTEF are 'green transport' and 'energy positive roads'. Berit Laanke is project manager of the Power Road project in SINTEF. She has extensive experience from the industry, both from aggregate- and ready mix concrete-industry and from the contractor Skanska.

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