Emmett Reidy

Waste collections all over the country are currently work on legacy milk-run systems, often based on feedback and reaction management while managers and the public deal with inefficient collections, congestion, over flowing bins, missed collections, and complaints. This inefficient, polluting, costly and resource hungry operation has many solutions but introducing technology for the sake of technology is not a solution. To be truly successful you need to breakdown the silos, communicate and look to what is best for where you want to go. Various technologies reporting to one platform, cost control mechanisms, holistic approach, support, future proofing and changing cultures.

Emmett started his working career in the construction industry but changed tack in 2009 during the economic downturn , when he started working for a start-up company called Smartbin one of the initiators of fill level technology and online data analytics in the UK and Ireland . Emmett stayed in the waste industry as the Operations Manager and Sales for Bigbelly Solar and help develop the UK and Ireland distributorship in to becoming the largest market outside of the US. His current role is Sales Operations Director at the Egbert H Taylor Group, he is responsible for all internal Sales Operations while also identifying innovative technological partners that can help shape waste strategies for our cities and the company’s continued growth by accessing and acting on these new market opportunities.

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