George Roussos

Smart City Dynamics and Emergency Response

IoT technologies are progressively enabling the activation of the city’s material environment, to generate a constant stream of data that can be employed to reveal patterns of urban dynamics that until recently remained unobserved. In this talk I will look back at more than a decade of experimental systems research conducted at our lab and relate our work to key pervasive computing trends. I will then discuss through specific case studies how data from these and similar systems have enabled explorations into how the evolving patterns of human dynamics are reflected onto City rhythms. I will conclude by highlighting current work which employs the outcomes of this research towards improving the effectiveness of ambulance services in London.

Prof. George Roussos leads the Pervasive Computing Group at Birkbeck College, University of London, an internationally recognised research centre in mobile computing and the IoT with particular expertise in networked RFID and mobility analytics. His work pioneered participatory cyber‐physical computing as the predominant methodology for the construction of mobile and pervasive computing systems. With contributions in systems architecture, privacy protection and human dynamics his work demonstrated how the user’s activity can be exploited as the core ingredient for building such systems. Prof Roussos is the author of four books and over 100 research papers. He was a member of the EU‐China Internet of Things Expert Group in 2010/12, the 2011 Medalist for best environmental project at the British Computer Society awards and since 2004 serves on the ACM US Public Policy Committee.

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