Marcos Bassols

The Energy_net: Where Internet Fuses Together With Water Supply and Energy Generation.

The idea of an ‘Energynet’ grasps the truly transformational potential of combining vital and basic resources into a self-supporting ecosystem. Energy_net refers to a solar powered smartgrid behaving like the Internet but where information technology fuses together with electricity and water. Contrary to Internet, the Energy_net generates the same very power it needs to function. The Energy_net will “terraform” the harshest and farest places of the Earth establishing new cities where there is nothing today. The Energy_net is the real IoT, that can be built where there is not Internet and where there are not things.

Graduated at Swinburne University of Technology, Hawthorn Victoria, and at Elisava School of Designing and Engineering of Barcelona. His motto: «Great challenges must be greatly designed»

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