Mathew Holloway

Robots fighting poverty, saving energy, creating jobs and empowering workers.

Q-Bot combines robotics with one of the most pressing needs; upgrading our existing buildings to make them more comfortable, reduce cold draughts and improve energy efficiency. In doing so Q-Bot turns difficult, dirty and disruptive jobs into cost effective and efficient processes, to create a real, scalable and cost effective solution to meeting targets for CO2 reduction and affordable warmth.

The company’s robots are able to autonomously survey and map the built environment, using a range of advanced technology including 3D scanning, artificial intelligence and information systems. This information provides a wealth of opportunities, for example identifying maintenance that might be required, e.g. the nature and location of leaking pipes, deal with hazards such as asbestos, or validate the quality of work done. The presentation will describe how we can use intelligent systems and advanced tools to maintain, upgrade and construct our buildings or infrastructure and some of the benefits that this approach has.

Mathew is the Managing Director of Q-Bot where he leads the development and commercialisation of innovative robotics technologies for the construction industry. He has 12 years’ experience as a founder of high tech start-ups where he has turned his ideas into desirable products and in turn seen them generate 7 and 8 figure turnovers.

He was educated at Bath University (MEng 1st Class Honours), Imperial College and The Royal College of Art in Engineering and Design (Joint Masters, MA & MSc). His technical background includes electrical and mechanical engineering, innovation mechanisms, intellectual property, industrial design, controls and programming (vision, analytics and interfaces).

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