Robin Hawkes

Making Sense of Transportation Data Using ViziCities and 3D Visualisation

ViziCities is an open-source 3D geo-spatial visualisation platform; powered by OpenStreetMap, WebGL and many other cutting-edge Web technologies. ViziCities not only allows you to explore any city in the world in 3D in your browser, it also lets you overlay data like live transport, crime, pollution, live social data, and weather. Think SimCity meets the real world! In this talk, Robin will introduce you to the project and demonstrate its powerful methods for visualising the transportation data locked within our cities.

Founder of ViziCities, previously worldwide developer relations at Mozilla. By day he's working on ViziCities, creating visualisations for clients like Thames Water and TfL. By night he's tinkering with anything and everything to do with geo-spatial and open data. He's also the creator of the thriving Open Data Community Slack group.

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