Stephen Dunne

Integrated GreenCities

Starlab's mission has always been to transform science into technologies with a profound, positive impact on society.

With our GreenCities project we hope to make cities greener by providing technical solutions for better resource management, risk assessment and decision-making.

We are researching and developing tools to intelligently and remotely manage urban change, irrigation and green inventory at tree level by leveraging satellite imagery, crowd-sourcing and integrated organic sensing.

We also know that our cities are not isolated systems and so provide tools for the monitoring of external events such as floods, droughts, forest fire or water pollution as well as tools to optimize the use of clean energy such as wind power and hydropower.

Stephen Dunne began his studies in the University of Wales in Aberystwyth where he obtained a BSc (Honours) in Planetary and Space Physics. Following this he obtained a Masters in Optoelectronics and Information Processing from Queens University in Belfast, carrying out a research thesis at the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias. In 2003 he joined Starlab, where he is currently Managing Director, leading two teams at the forefront of applied research. These teams are transforming Science into Technology in the fields of Neuroscience and Earth Observation of Neuroscience Research in conjunction with the European Commission and the European Space.

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