Suzanne Wilson

Creating the Open Programmable City

How cities work is changing. Developments in software, hardware and telecom networks are enabling more interaction between people and places and more machine-to-machine communication, creating an internet of things. Opening-up and making sense of this gives citizens more ability to interact, work and play with their city. Smart city technologies will be able to respond in real-time to everyday events including congestion, waste management, entertainment events, e-democracy, energy supply and more. Together with many partners, Bristol Is Open is creating an open programmable city region.

Suzanne is the City Innovation Manager for Bristol City Council, part of a department called Bristol Futures that looks at sustainability, resilience and technology challenges in Bristol and how to address them in partnership with other cities across the world. The City innovation team have deployed the Bristol Is Open infrastructure: fibre, wireless mile and mesh network, run innovation projects on energy, data and transport, and supported digital inclusion. Their approach is to work in partnership with citizens and organisations in Bristol to co-create solutions, looking for external funding to pilot and test new approaches. Prior to working as City Innovation Manager, Suzanne worked for the Higher Education Funding Council for England where she worked for 10 years on research and innovation policy and key account manager for several universities.

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