Thorsten Klaus

Aktivhaus: Designing for the Plus-Energy Future

In the face of increasingly acute energy and material resource challenges, the building sector represents both the single greatest consumer of resources as well as the single most powerful lever with which to influence our environmental impact. As new buildings become more efficient, one of the most critical challenges lies in addressing the existing building stock. To make serious progress we must move beyond the mindset of reduction and instead conceive projects which not only meet their own energy needs but also provide for their neighbours. This is the mission of Aktivhaus.

Thorsten Klaus is Head of Building Systems at Aktiv-Haus, where he designed and developed a plus-energy house series for large-scale prefabricated production. He is also a Research and Development engineer at AlphaEOS, where he develops algorithms for building energy management. Thorsten has recently received his PhD in Engineering from the University of Stuttgart.

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