Bernt Meerbeek

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Lighting in the Connected Home: Beyond Illumination

The Light-Emitting-Diode (LED) is revolutionizing the lighting industry. Traditional lights such as incandescent bulbs are being replaced by wirelessly connected LED devices, which can be digitally controlled, embedded into our homes and everyday objects, produce a wide variety of whites and colors, and connect to other IoT devices and sensors. The possibilities of connected lighting in the home seem almost infinite. But how to deliver valuable experiences to consumers without complex user interfaces or incomprehensible automatic behavior? In my talk, I will elaborate on this topic and provide some examples of lighting applications that go beyond illumination, including Philips Hue.

Bernt Meerbeek is a Senior Scientist at Philips Lighting Research in Eindhoven. With a background in Information Systems and specialization in User-System Interaction, his research in the past 10 years at Philips has focused on the user experience of Ambient Intelligent systems. Currently, he leads a multidisciplinary team responsible for delivering innovations in the area of connected home lighting (Philips Hue). His main research interest is in combining intelligent and automated behavior with simple and effective user control for optimal user experience of smart lighting systems.

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