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The Connected Home Expands into the Yard

How Smart Home technology is expanding outside with the Connected Yard – to create gardens, lawns and outdoor living spaces of your dreams. Between 30% and 50% of the water used outdoors is for watering plants, gardens or lawns, and yet, the number one reason why we kill plants is because we over or under-water them. To conserve water and save plants, Oso Technologies created the PlantLink Smart Plant Care system, a scalable moisture management system consisting of Links (sensors) and smart valves. The sensors gather soil moisture data and upload it wirelessly via a Zigbee communications hub. Our app correlates readings with plant specific moisture requirements and alerts the user about their plants’ needs in real time. Our smart valve connects to a hose and can automatically water plants as necessary.

Mercedes has a Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering, and a Masters in Aerospace Engineering. She became the CEO of Oso Technologies, creator of PlantLink, a smart gardening system, in 2015. Her first company, Sugar Rides, founded in 2010 built three wheel electrical vehicles for in-town driving. She has been involved with the Fab Academy foundation since 2011, where she instructs students on the latest and greatest of digital fabrication. In her past years as Managing Partner at The Product Manufactory, she has assembled amazing teams of people from different backgrounds to work on projects from a variety of industries and at small and large scale.

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