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Design & IoT: Indoor Air Reimagined

"Rising demand for air conditioning threatens to make the planet hotter and undermine pledges to rein in emissions" (Guardian 2015). Through exceptional and IoT technology, FutureAir is creating a new generation of smart, connected airflow products to improve indoor air quality and comfort while reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions from over cooling. Designed by award-winning industrial designer and co-founder, Ross Lovegrove, FutureAir products will bring world-class design and IoT technology to an industry ripe for disruption.

FutureAir's technology is a proprietary sensing platform that is Wi-Fi enabled with micro processing and cost effective sensors to measure and monitor air quality, and thermal comfort. FutureAir's sensing platform will enable device-to-device connectivity between FutureAir and third party products (ie air conditioners, air purifiers, fans) to control and monitor air quality, comfort, and energy use. FutureAir’s sensing platform has been deployed in several pilot locations in New York and Paris collecting live data related to air quality and thermal comfort. Once tested, our sensing platform will be refined and manufactured for seamless integration into FutureAir's own airflow products, currently in development.

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