Mark Jancola

Conversational AI: Time Saver and Money Maker

Conversational AI is transforming the way customer-facing teams including Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success to accelerate revenue by automating conversational interactions that attract, acquire, and grow customers at scale. Built on Conversational AI technologies, Conversica Intelligent Virtual Assistants serve as a virtual team member to engage contacts like prospects and customers in a human-like, two-way dialogue with a high-level relevance and accuracy to drive towards the next best action.

Join us as Mark Jancola, CTO & Vice President of Engineering at Conversica, explains:

How to build Conversational AI solutions that are relevant, accurate, and human-like,

How Conversica leverages NLU, NLG, process automation, and deep learning capability to engage contacts over multiple communication channels via our Intelligent Virtual Assistants,

And how Conversational AI saves time and resources while accelerating revenue across the customer lifecycle.

Conversational AI is here and making a difference today. Join us to see how to build Conversational AI solutions that drive real results.

Dedicated to the success of customers and partners, Mark Jancola is applying almost three decades of engineering, product, and business leadership in extending Conversica’s offerings, architecture, innovation, and operations. Most recently, Mark was head of global R&D at Apptio Inc, the leader in technology business management solutions. Over a ten year period, Mark built the team, the products, and the operations necessary for Apptio to go from startup to one of the fastest growing, successful enterprise software companies in history. Previously, Mark was VP of Engineering at HP Software, overseeing worldwide R&D activities in the Business Service Automation division (700+ engineers). Prior to HP, Mark held engineering leadership roles at Opsware, Midstream Technologies, Cisco Systems, and Active Voice Corp. Mark holds an MBA and BSEE from the University of Washington. He is a regular guest lecturer at the UW, a member of the Industry Advisory Board for the UW College of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE), and a speaker at industry / technical conferences.

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