Diana Mingels

Conversational AI: Front Door to AI-FIRST Banking

In this talk I will discuss a holistic approach to getting the most out of your Conversational AI platform at a financial institution and putting it to work in a multitude of different areas, thus transforming banking as we know it into a new type of AI-First customer-centric Banking of the future. We will talk about the new financial landscape and how it reinforces the need for innovation in financial services, as well as how Conversational AI can help to proactively address the rising customer’s expectations for superior customer service and financial products across any channel.

Key Takeaways:

• Conversational AI will become the new face and image of banks.

• Traditional banks need to accelerate their digital transformation and aggressively invest in AI with the goal of becoming AI-first institutions or risk of being outfoxed by a platoon of fintech’s.

• High upfront investments will pay off, as Conversational AI can be put to work in a myriad of different areas within the company, all powered by standardized frameworks and core platforms.

Diana Mingels is an Artificial Intelligence leader focusing mainly on Conversational AI technology and strategy. Currently she is head of the NLG and NLU departments at Capital One Bank, spearheading the ML and AI efforts for Eno, Capital One’s Intelligent Assistant.

Diana has been involved in AI research and development for more than 14 years, throughout which she contributed extensively to various intelligent assistants that are leading the market today.

Diana holds a M.A. in Natural Language Processing and Human Language Technology from the University of Wolverhampton and Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, as well as a M.S. in Mathematical Linguistics from St. Petersburg State University.

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