Bala Maddali

How Conversational AI is Influencing Retail Transformation

CX Digital: Conversational practice is equally focused on how Conversational AI can help our customers and employees. Our strategy on Digitizing the Humans via capabilities like Agent Assist enables our agents to have personalized, contextual, and impactful conversations with Customers.

Key Takeaways:

• Extreme integration of AI with Humans unlocks more value.

• In the Age of Ai and Bots, we have successfully showcased a unique combination of AI + Humans that makes the difference not one over the other.

• When rightly positioned and executed AI is a friend rather than a foe.

Bala Maddali is an innovator, strategist, influencer and insights-driven leader who is passionate about the convergence of people, process, experience and technology. He is currently leading the Ai-Driven conversational experiences for the Verizon Consumer group. He has a proven track record in leading and driving strategy to execution on large transformations.He has 12 patents in the area of Mobile and TV second screen convergence experiences.

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