Catherine Kromkowski

Personalizing Digital Assistants for the Modern Workplace

Digital assistants are a staple for consumer brands to increase conversion rates and relate to their customers. But what if companies brought this technology in house? What type of experiences would employees want from their virtual agent? With five generations in the workforce, it is more critical than ever before to understand the needs of our associates and build seamless experiences at work. This talk will walk through how organizations research employee interaction, collect feedback and analyze data to understand employee behaviors and preferences and deliver tailored content.

Catherine Kromkowski is the Senior Manager for conversational artificial intelligence at Walmart responsible for delivering conversational solutions to increase productivity for Walmart’s 2.3 million associates. She leads both the product and engineering teams to develop a comprehensive and integrated bot platform strategy at scale. Her team marries Natural Language Processing to understand users questions, and machine learning on edge to diagnose technology issues in the field for a proactive customer support experience. Catherine leads teams to improve employee engagement, experience, and efficiency with conversational artificial intelligence and product design.

Company Achievements: The Associate Digital Experience team at Walmart is responsible for driving growth and productivity by providing Walmart’s global workplace of more than 2.3 million associates with consumer-grade technology. The organization oversees strategy, engineering and operations for the enterprise’s infrastructure, client, mobility, collaboration, and productivity digital platforms.

Wider Achievements: Catherine received the 2018 Vision Award for Walmart Global Business Services and the 2019 Drive Value Award for her team’s implementation of paperless initiatives to drive sustainability through technology across Walmart’s 5,200 stores and millions of customers. Catherine led the Northwest Arkansas Technology Summit marketing strategy and is passionate about building products with analytics with intuitive user experiences. In Catherine received the 2013 Project for Peace Grant and established a computer lab in Saltadere, Haiti.

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