Dirk Petzoldt

Insights from Engineering Europe's Largest Marketing Platform for Fashion

In 2018, Zalando—Europe’s leading online fashion platform—embarked on a journey to revolutionize its paid online marketing by building a scalable personalized machine learning–based marketing platform. Dirk Petzoldt who is heading the five tech teams making this vision real, shares what practices they learned on the way and which technology they use. A special focus is on measuring incrementality and the integration of Machine Learning into state of the art engineering.

Dirk Petzoldt is a head of engineering and data science at Zalando, Europe’s leading fashion platform. Trained as a data scientist, he enables his five development teams to revolutionize online marketing steering in a fully automated, ROI-driven, personalized way. In his spare time, Dirk is hacking functional Scala and reading through O’Reilly’s online library, 10 books at a time.

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