Errol Koolmeister

AI-Driven Retail

H&M will present how they are working towards becoming an industry leader in Advanced Analytics and AI. Which will give them a competitive advantage through superior customer experience, smart decision making, and efficient processes. They have spent the last few years going from basically nothing to a department with more than 120 people delivering value on a daily basis. You will get insights into some of the key learnings by one of the world’s largest retailers and how they are working to transform a 70+ year old company.

As head of AI tech & architecture for H&M, Errol is currently working on overseeing the AI ​​projects run at H&M and coordinating and developing the AI ​​function. Prior to H&M, Errol worked as a Director of Data Science for ThinkBig Analytics, a Teradata company where he was responsible for a team of 25 data scientists placed in major projects across the Nordic region, Eastern Europe and Russia. Prior to that he was in London as a Lead Data Scientist for the Vodafone group but he originally started his career at Nordea where he spent about 10 years in various roles.

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