Shivani Poddar

How to Transform your Company with Conversational AI - 3xing Product, People and Processes

Why is it that traditionally the area where assistants are most valuable are corporate/enterprise settings, however the most pervasive are personal assistants? Why is it that the average Joe who has never had a human assistant is expected to leverage a digital one? Answering these questions leads us to one of the most underutilized markets in the world of conversational AI, Enterprise/Corporates. With this talk I explore the next leaps that conversational AI can make (and is making), from building contextualized transcriptions, note taking, meeting summaries to scheduling meetings and reminders, how conversational AI is ready to disrupt businesses of today and tomorrow. While we explore the possibilities of tomorrow, I will also chalk out some of the pitfalls of these systems, and how to hedge against them both as a developer and as a business employing these conv AI systems.

Key Takeaways:

  • State of conversational Assistants for Enterprise Use cases

  • Key areas where conv AI is ready to disrupt the market

  • Pitfalls of these conv AI systems and how to avoid them

Shivani is an machine learning engineer on the Facebook Assistant team working on both the product and research arms around machine learning reasoning for assistants, and multi-modal assistants of the future. Before Facebook, she was at Carnegie Mellon University, where she helped build the CMU Magnus system for social chit chat ground up for the first wave of Amazon Alexa Prize Challenge. She has also published work on modeling user psychology, and building argumentation systems that help in negotiation. Her research background spans across-disciplines such as computer science, psychology and machine learning.

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