Angelina Yang

ROUNDTABLE: AI Ethics and Model Risk Q&A with Angelina Yang & Mehdi Allahyari

Join this session to ask your questions and see how financial institutions identify and manage risks relating to AI ethics, including transparency and explainability, in the development, deployment and ongoing use of AI systems.

Angelina Yang leads the data science and engineering teams for conversational and voice AI development at Well Fargo. Her focus is to research, develop and deploy machine learning solutions for the next generation of AI assistants across the enterprise. Her teams are committed to the advancement of AI driven by not only efficiency and performance, but also ethical principles that put customers first. She drives and fosters innovation in responsible AI research across her organization. In the past year, she led more than 10 patent applications in the area of AI transparency, fairness analysis and interpretability for machine learning models. Previously, she led the NLP Corporate Model Risk Management team and led the development of model risk governance policy for machine learning/NLP models. She is a buckeye from the Ohio State University majoring in statistics. She has a wealth of experience in the space of statistical and machine learning, management consulting and policy research at Bank of Tokyo, KPMG Advisory and the United Nations Department of Economics and Social Affairs.

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