Tim Gane

Words with Friends: Why we Should Talk as If We're Human

The language of human communication and interaction is the most overlooked aspect of technology. As businesses, we're so wired about leveraging synergised drilling down to customer-centric, cloud-based disruptive capability analytics, we forget that, when using those words IRL, we sound like utter morons, and anything but human. Let's focus on making artificial intelligence sound like two friends having a chat over coffee, and not a business board-room sales pitch. Simple methods, like using Plain English, embracing regional lingo, and understanding nuances in txtspk (like how using a full stop can be the rudest thing you've done today), will help your brand connect with humans at a human level, and not a corporate marketing one. The way your bot speaks has the potential to reach people at an emotional level, to engage with them, to empathise and sympathise to the point where you forget you're talking to a robot, and feel you're reconnecting with a friend.

Tim has been a Copywriter for over 10 years with an English degree from King's College, London. He has spent the last five years applying the magical principles of Plain English, with a long-term plan to banish all business-jargon forever. Tim has been writing the speech of chatbots for nearly three of those years, for a variety of both business and customer-facing virtual assistants.

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