Adam Hanina

Using Artificial Intelligence to Improve the Quality of Care

Every year 125,000 people die in the US because medications are not taken properly. Globally, this contributes to tens of millions of preventable deaths. In clinical research, pharmaceutical companies have no idea if subjects are actually taking the experimental drugs that are being tested.

Adam Hanina, CEO of AiCure will be presenting the first artificial intelligence platform focused towards accurately monitoring, interacting, predicting and intervening with patients in real-time. The National Institutes of Health stated that AiCure “has the ability to significantly impact drug research and therapy” through the ubiquitous mobile phone platform that exists today. In this session, Adam will overview the technology, its impact, and the importance of understanding and designing adaptive human machine interfaces.

Adam Hanina is co-founder and CEO of AiCure, an artificial intelligence company that has developed facial recognition and motion-sensing technology to confirm medication ingestion by clinical trial participants and high-risk patients in real time. He is a passionate advocate for the use of healthcare software as a population health tool and has directed much of his previous work to this end. He has acted as a subject-matter expert on medication adherence technologies for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and is currently a principal investigator for multiple NIH innovation grants.

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