Marc Delingat

How AI and Deep Learning Transform 800 Million iIems in 190 Countries: eBay’s Approach

In today’s global ecommerce landscape, borders are artificial, and consumers expect to transact anytime, anywhere. The challenge for eBay – one of the world’s largest online marketplaces – is enabling the best-possible commerce experience across 800 million listings from 25 million sellers in 190 countries and multiple languages. Find out how eBay’s product experience team is leveraging AI and deep learning to improve the user experience for today’s global consumer – and how they’re building machine translation and information extraction engines specific to commerce at scale.

As Senior Director Global Product Experience, Marc Delingat is responsible for the global customer experience outside of the United States. Marc is focused on building innovative products for eBay’s buyers and sellers, to break down language and market barriers in global commerce, and expand eBay’s geographic footprint.

In this role, Marc looks for new opportunities to research, develop, and bring to market new product solutions for emerging markets and improve cross border trade to open up the world’s selection of merchandise. His organization includes product management, applied research, and engineering in human language technology, localization, global product experience, global architecture, and internationalization for all of eBay’s web and mobile products. A proficient English and German speaker, Marc has a keen interest in combining design, technology, science, and language, to build products customers across the world love. Beginning in 2013, he formed the eBay Human Language Technology Research team with the charter to bridge the language gap in global commerce. In 2014 he led the acquisition of parts of AppTek to build out the team and acquire key technologies and intellectual property to further eBay’s leadership position in this area. As a result, eBay is a oft-cited leader in machine translation innovations specific to the field of commerce.

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