Joseph Durham

Assembling Orders in Amazon’s Robotic Warehouses

Amazon Robotics builds the world’s largest mobile robotic fleet where many thousands of robots deliver inventory shelves to pick operators in e-commerce warehouses. Each Amazon warehouse holds millions of items of inventory, most customer orders represent a unique combination of several items, and many orders need to be shipped within a couple hours of being placed to meet delivery promises. This talk will describe how mobile robots and human operators collaborate to solve this challenging problem and enable Amazon to ship millions of orders every day. I will also discuss the results of the recent Amazon Picking Challenge and the next big frontier for robotics in warehousing.

Joseph Durham is Manager of Research and Advanced Development at Amazon Robotics. His team focuses on resource allocation algorithms, machine learning, and path planning for robotic warehouses. Joey joined Kiva Systems after completing his Ph.D. at the University of California at Santa Barbara in distributed coordination for teams of robots. He has been with the company through its acquisition and growth into Amazon Robotics. Previously he worked on path planning for autonomous vehicles at Stanford University for the DARPA Grand Challenge.

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