Scott Penberthy

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Scott is PwC's resident futurist, advising boards of directors, c-suite executives, and leadership teams around the world on technology. Scott focuses exclusively on existential threats and opportunities, then strategies to win. Scott is also the mastermind behind PwC Now, an emergent AI that drives information to partners much like Amazon's Echo, Apple's Siri and Google Now. Previously, Scott led PwC's foray into public cloud computing in 2012, which culminated in the largest partnership and adoption of Google in regulated industry.

Scott holds a PhD in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science, with multiple degrees from MIT and the University of Washington. He has a rich history in startups and corporate R&D, all available on LinkedIn. His personal passion is STEM education, preparing our kids for a blended world of man and machine. Scott is an avid triathlete, a sports car enthusiast, and proud father of two smart, beautiful daughters.

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