Alexander Del Toro Barba

Soft-Skills and Individualisation by Machines: How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing the Game in Robo-Advice

Robo-advice is becoming an increasingly popular way to invest money. However, most robo-advisors are still neither real advisors nor do they unfold their full potential of deep learning capabilities that users would expect from a 'robo'. VisualVest is a German robo-advisor founded by Union Investment in 2015 and is looking for a way to include AI in its solution. In this talk, I will give an overview of how to concept and deploy AI in robo-advice. This will include use cases of deep learning in our solution, the crucial role of design for commercial success and the obstacles that occur for a fintech company. I will demonstrate how we address legal boundaries that limit the usage of deep neural networks for financial recommendations, how we determine proper algorithms for deep learning in our solution and what is important for a successful collaboration between teams of deep learning specialists, designers, finance experts and developers.

Alexander Del Toro Barba is a design and artificial intelligence evangelist. He has 7 years experience in global e-commerce for software companies before he joined Google Inc. in Dublin as part of the global marketing team for Google Apps for Work. In 2015 he relocated to Frankfurt and is now Head of Product & Marketing at VisualVest. Alex is also a PHD candidate in Economics of Deep Learning at the University of Münster and continues to be a pro-active supporter of sustainability, diversity and equality in businesses.

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