Dan Wucherpfennig

How Deep Learning can Revolutionise Document Management in the Finance and Real Estate Industry

LEVERTON uses Deep Learning techniques to solve problems of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Information Extraction, this helps to turn unstructured data into structured data. The technologies are being applied to corporate documents in order to extract cash-flow and legally relevant data points to support easier and faster decision making (in more than 20 languages). Structured data can then be migrated to various applications, including ERP systems (SAP).

Dan is Product Management Director at LEVERTON. Having a degree in computer science and with his strong passion for product management – Dan revolutionizes how individuals work with data and documents.

Before LEVERTON, Dan spent six years with ABBYY Europe in Munich. As a Director of Service, Dan successfully helped in building the European market and was involved in > 20 international data extraction projects.

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