Jeannette Bohg

Presentation Title: Making Sense of Vision and Touch in Robot Manipulation Tasks

Jeannette Bohg is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Stanford University and leads the Interactive Perception and Robot Learning lab. She was a group leader at the MPI for Intelligent Systems (Tübingen, Germany) until September 2017 and remains affiliated as a guest researcher. Before joining MPI-IS in January 2012, Jeannette Bohg was a PhD student at the Computer Vision and Active Perception lab (CVAP) at KTH in Stockholm. Her thesis on Multi-modal scene understanding for Robotic Grasping was performed under the supervision of Prof. Danica Kragic. She studied at Chalmers in Gothenburg and at the Technical University in Dresden where she received her Master in Art and Technology and her Diploma in Computer Science, respectively. Her research focuses on perception for autonomous robotic manipulation and grasping. She is specifically interesting in developing methods that are goal-directed, real-time and multi-modal such that they can provide meaningful feedback for execution and learning.

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