Yibiao Zhao

Engineering Common Sense

Artificial intelligence has beaten the best human player at Go, and also achieved superhuman performance in many video games. However, current AI systems utilizing advanced deep learning techniques still can not reliably navigate a car in the real world, even with millions of miles of driving data. A human does not need significant driving experience to be a driver. Instead, humans learn to drive using a commonsense understanding of physical objects and intentional agents. At iSee, inspired by computational cognitive science, we are developing algorithms that model the way humans understand and learn about the physical world. Our technique equips self-driving vehicles to better deal with unfamiliar situations and complex interactions on the road.

iSee, an MIT spin-off, is paving the way for level 4 autonomous vehicles that can deal with unfamiliar situations and complex interactions on the road. Inspired by computational cognitive science, our humanistic artificial intelligence will seamlessly integrate into society and benefit human lives.

Yibiao Zhao is the co-founder and CEO of iSee AI, a startup developing humanistic AI for autonomous driving. He completed his PhD at UCLA, studying computer vision, and his postdoc at MIT, studying cognitive robots. As a pioneer in the computer vision field, he did a series of work that engineers common sense to reason about visual scenes. Yibiao also co-chaired a series of workshops at the CVPR and CogSci conferences, which influenced an innovative research direction in the computer vision and cognitive science fields.

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