Ayin Vala

Early Detection of Alzheimer’s Disease with Deep Learning

The transformative impact of machine learning and AI has not been fully realized in medicine and especially personalized medicine. Complex disease processes like Alzheimer’s Disease cannot be cured by pharmaceutical or genetic sciences alone and after decades of clinical research, current treatments and therapies have lead to insignificant successes. Clinical researchers now believe that the early detection of Alzheimer’s patients is the key to a breakthrough. This talk will highlight our non-profit project funded by National Institute of Health, and our deep learning model based on 70000 Alzheimer patient records, that helps to identify Alzheimer’s Disease patients at high risk, using medication regimens, historical diagnosis, risk factors, and care programs.

Ayin is the Co-Founder and Chief Data Scientist of the non-profit organization Foundation for Precision Medicine. His research and development team works on statistical analysis and machine learning, pharmacogenetics, molecular medicine, and sciences relevant to the advancement of medicine and healthcare delivery. Ayin has several years of experience in machine learning, possessing several awards and patents in Healthcare, Aerospace, Energy, and Education sectors. He holds Master degrees in Information Management Systems from Harvard University and in Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Tech, and resides in Silicon Valley.

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