Victor Chapela

Lifestyle-Based Human Health and Well Being, from Knowledge Representation to Knowledge Generation

Diet and lifestyle choices are known to generate or even revert clinical conditions like type 2 diabetes. Lifestyle engineering becomes a promising alternative to conventional approaches for health improvement. In this context, deep learning has emerged as a powerful tool to analyze observational data and enrich our knowledge about human physiology responses to diet, activity and environment. In Suggestic, we have adopted a two-fold approach to make technology work for wellbeing. First by encoding human knowledge about nutritional guidelines and making this knowledge actionable by rendering best-suited options for each individual. This encoding of actionable knowledge had several challenges, including nutritional content inference on restaurant menu items, or understanding meal composition from user natural language input. Deep learning has been used from the most basic aspects of nutritional knowledge representation to user interactions at restaurants through an Augmented Reality interface. Second by deciphering the nutritional and behavioral patterns to automatically generate knowledge for health improvement. This research is being conducted on top of established Markov Decision Process modeling tools and state of the art deep recurrent neural networks.

Victor Chapela is Co-founder & CEO of Suggestic, a Silicon Valley-based company whose mission is to help individuals make optimal food choices for weight loss, disease management and health improvement. Suggestic uses artificial intelligence and augmented reality to overlay and score what is best for you from a restaurant menu, at the grocery store or at home when cooking.Mr. Chapela has over 25 years of IT experience and entrepreneurship. During this time, he has founded and led 6 technology companies in the United States and Mexico. As the founder and CEO of these companies, he has mainly been involved in the design and development of software products and specialized services for the financial industry and large corporations. His latest companies: Sm4rt Security Services and Sm4rt Predictive Systems were both acquired in 2014.

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