Marzieh Nabi

Applications of AI and Machine Learning in Healthcare: Focus on Comorbidities (Co-occurrence of Multiple Chronic Conditions)

Patients suffering from chronic conditions often have multiple heterogeneous disease processes of varying severities. These conditions and their comorbidities interact with each other to affect the physical state of the patient. We focus on patients suffering from congestive heart failure, which is a common condition plaguing a large percentage of chronic patients. Several systems have been created to use physiologic data from measurements and tests to predict patient outcomes for such conditions. In the recent past, data scientists in conjunction with clinicians have created numerous machine learning models which use electronic healthcare records of a patient to predict their mortality as well. These records have the advantages of showing a patient's disease progression and interactions over time, which add a new dimension to mortality prediction. We use these records as input to a stacked deep Long Short Term memory network or LSTM and achieve predictive accuracy better than standard machine learning models used for this task. In addition, we endeavour to extract an explanation for these predictions from these hitherto opaque architectures in order to enable their greater integration as a diagnostic tool by clinicians.

Marzieh is a scientist by profession and an entrepreneur by heart. Her research lies in the intersection of systems science, AI, and machine learning and their wide range of applications from energy, to transportation, to aerospace, to multi-agent and autonomous systems, and more recently healthcare. She graduated with a PhD in Aeronautics and Astronautics and M.Sc. in mathematics from University of Washington at the end of 2012 with focus on mathematical modelling, probabilistic analysis, distributed control and optimization, networked dynamic systems, and cyber-physical systems and also obtained an executive MBA from Stanford’s Graduate School of Business (Ignite, Summer of 2015). Marzieh is holding an AIR (Analyst in Residence) position in HealthTech Capital, an investing firm focusing on healthcare related startups. She is also an Associate at Sand Hill Angels helping with business analysis, technical analysis, and due diligence.

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