Václav Potesil

Helping Clinicians Cure Cancer Using Artificial Intelligence and Big Image Datasets

Optellum’s vision is to enable earlier, better cancer diagnosis and treatment, by using Machine Learning to unlock deep insights in huge image databases. Our platform, the Digital Image Biomarker, links scans with data and ground-truth outcomes mined from the Electronic Medical Records. By pooling the collective experience of thousands of clinicians to uncover patterns not obvious to the human eye, it will give every clinician expert-level decision support. In this talk, we will share our journey so far, in transforming a proof of concept towards an intelligent decision support system to be deployed in the clinic. We will discuss challenges in collecting and curating vast datasets in partnerships with leading hospitals, and addressing key technical, regulatory and business challenges.

Vaclav is a co-founder of Optellum, a startup formed by a team of AI, medical imaging and clinical experts who met at the University of Oxford. Optellum's vision is to enable earlier and better cancer diagnosis and treatment by using Machine Learning to unlock new insights in huge image databases. Vaclav holds Oxford PhD in Computer Vision (lung cancer therapy planning) in collaboration with Siemens Molecular Imaging and Mirada Medical. He developed and launched pioneering medical robotics devices as Global Product Manager at Hocoma, the global market leader in neuro-rehabilitation exoskeletons. He has worked in 10 countries and speaks 7 languages.

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