Valentin Tablan

Artificial Neural Networks Giving Back - Applications of Deep Learning to Mental Health Therapy Provision

Ieso aim to revolutionise mental health by significantly improving the outcomes, reducing the costs, and dramatically lowering the barriers to access therapy. We do that by developing and enforcing a structured therapy process that codifies decades of experience and is continuously updated with the latest research. Since 2011 we have been pioneering the approach of providing Cognitive Behavioural Therapy via an on-line channel. The NHS England IAPT programme ('Improving Access to Psychological Therapies') provides a national framework for outcomes measurement, and our results consistently surpass the national average. Having accumulated a sizeable dataset of therapy sessions and other types of patient communication, we are now able to start building models that introduce AI capabilities into our processes. These make our work more efficient and effective, and apply at all stages of the patient's journey, from diagnosis to recovery and relapse prevention. This talk will introduce Ieso's current work and vision for mental health therapy, available to all who need it, in an AI-pervaded future.

Valentin is a principal scientist at Ieso, and heads their AI initiatives. He has worked on Natural Language Processing, Knowledge Representation, and Artificial Intelligence, spanning both symbolic methods, and machine learning, including deep learning. Prior to joining Ieso, he was the lead scientist on the question answering service that powers Amazon's Alexa smart assistant. Valentin has a PhD from the University of Sheffield, UK, where he also worked as a senior researcher on the popular 'GATE' open-source framework for text mining. He has authored more than 70 academic publications in journals and peer-reviewed conferences.

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