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Dynamic Banking - A five-year roadmap to excellence in AI

Andrew Ng famously stated that “AI is the new electricity”, whilst the jury is still out on this one - it is important to note there has already been at least two seperate AI renaissances in the past that failed to reach escape velocity*. However it is without a doubt that the next AI revolution has begun, but this time far greater in scope and scale than ever before. That said learnings have been made, and it has become apparent that a robust framework is essential for successful adoption across the various industries - this is where AI meets DevOps.

In this presentation I showcase a one size fits all, five-year roadmap to guide businesses big and small into a successful AI transformation. I also explore Dynamic Banking - the first major wave of AI finance centric innovations from slim predictive fraud engines to frictionless banking IPB micro-apps. Finally I report on the progress across the globe towards the second major wave of AI, and what this means for finance as a whole.

  • Significant investment from both the US, UK and the EU was funnelled into AI research and development in the 1960s and 1980s, in both cases funding and interest was abruptly withdrawn due to limitations of the technology. Adam McMurchie is leader in Devops and an A.I expert working in the banks SAO platform on the forefront of technology development in finance. With a broad exposure to a range of technologies, Adam drives an ethos of simplification, cloud agnosticism and specialises in spotting the next trends in fin tech. Additionally, Adam also has a background in science with a physics degree specialising in NeuroComputing and is a polyglot linguist & seasoned translator. Adam has pooled these skills to deliver full stack novel solutions from tensor flow driven mobile apps, to personalized banking chatbots. Adam also develops apps designed around the ethos of Social Utility, including Flood/Storm reporting, EV Vehicle bay monitoring and preservation of endangered languages.
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