Niall Bellabarba

Automation and robots in finance: the good the bad and the ugly.

Automation is driving a rise of Robots that for now are relatively “simple machines” but will evolve quickly. This presentation is about the impacts these robots will have in the sphere of finance and touching upon the potential impact of robots reducing the size of financial work force. Ernest a Chatbot that is a Private Banker for all powered by Artificially Intelligence will be shown as one example of trends to come. The Good: What will be the productivity increase or at least the improvements to our lives? The Bad: In what way could this technology be used to actually make our lives worse? The Ugly: Will jobs go? Which ones?

Niall has a Electronic Engineering Masters from Nottingham University and an MBA from Oxford University. His career spans Technology Finance and Entrepreneurship. He has worked for big brands such as Barclays Global Investors and BlackRock and in the Consulting sphere for Deloitte and Alpha Financial Markets Consulting.

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