Nima Shahbazi

Hedge Fund Risk Reduction with AI-Enabled Capital Market Signals

There is growing demand for ML stock market predictions, but to be valuable, algorithms must be highly accurate and adaptable. In this talk, Dr Shahbazi will share the nuanced feature engineering and validation strategies that separate a ‘good’ predictive model from a highly accurate model. These two strategies helped him consistently win the world’s most competitive AI competitions, including #1 in the $1M Zillow Prize. The strategies make models adaptable, which is key in noisy financial markets, and also helped him win the Two Sigma Financial Modeling challenge and develop low volatility AI-enabled signals at his company, Mindle. Attendees will leave with two actionable techniques to more accurately predict capital market returns.

Dr. Nima Shahbazi recently won the biggest computer science or AI competition on record, the $1M Zillow Prize, competing against 3800 teams from 91 countries to create the most accurate home valuation algorithm. He is also a Prize Winner out of 2070 teams for the biggest Financial Modeling competition, Two Sigma's Challenge. He holds Kaggle Grandmaster status, and has won several machine learning and deep learning competitions in predictive modeling, NLP and recommendation systems. Dr Shahbazi is CEO of, a company advancing AI by improving capital market predictions.

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