Chetna Goyal


Chetna is working as an analyst, part of the two year graduate programme at BlackRock where she is part of the Index/ETF business. In that capacity she is responsible for the design and implementation of index strategies across investment themes, geographies and asset classes. Alongside her role she is working as a researching student under Professor Kwoh at Nanyang Technological University (NTU). Her current research study is in deep neural networks, feature selection using signal processing focused on large data sets in the electroencephalogram (EEG) domain with an emphasis on stimulus recognition and mapping. She graduated from NTU with a B.Eng. in Computer Science Engineering with a focus on Artificial Intelligence in August 2015. She has previously worked in Bank of America Merrill Lynch as an intern on their technology team and been selected as student ambassador by Microsoft and Mozilla Firefox to recognize her technical caliber. She has also won numerous hackathons in the region and is extremely passionate about the impact technology especially in the field of intelligent machines can have on businesses.



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