Chetna Goyal

I want to highlight the impact digitization is having on globalization and on the benefits that can be achieved through improved reference data, analytics and application of machine intelligence in developing more efficient ecosystems that create new opportunities. My personal research is a focused study on electroencephalogram (EEG) signals which aims to help paralytic patients through the development of a Brain Computer Interface (BCI) and exploration of stimulus recognition and mapping by the application of deep neural networks, genetic algorithms and feature extraction through signal processing techniques. Chetna graduated from Nanyang Technological University in August 2015 with a major in Computer Science Engineering. She has been pursuing her research interest in collaboration with Professor Kwoh at Nanyang Technological University. Her work at BlackRock and Bank of America Merrill Lynch have given her an insight into the financial world and she believes that the impact intelligent machines can have on the markets are endless. She has also been selected as student ambassador by Microsoft and Mozilla Firefox, and has also won numerous hackathons in the region.

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