Edmond Juin Fung Chin

Fighting Fraudulent Claims with Deep Learning

Fraudulent Insurance Claim is a very prevalent issue in the insurance Industry. Its existence drives up the premium an insured has to pay for a particular policy. The common practice in handling such issue is very costly and inefficient. Fortunately, In the era of big data, advancement in technologies and deep learning methodology have enable us to overcome this by studying patterns in the past, along with texts and images, to come up with accurate prediction and estimation.

Currently a data analyst in Information Management Department, NTUC Income, Edmond has worked on numerous projects that use statistical modelling and machine learning algorithms in tackling business issues. His current field of interest includes market analytics, forecasting and recommender system. He holds a Bsc in mathematics and economics from Nanyang Technological University and is completing his MTech studies in Enterprise Business Analytics at National University of Singapore and Institute of System Science.

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