Jackie Tan

Connecting Customers and Financial Advisers using Deep Learning

The customer engagement process in insurance has been largely unchanged for a very long time. Despite the gradual transition from offline to online platforms by insurance companies, there remains plenty of opportunity to tackle customer engagement and segmentation process. fundMyLife is transforming these processes using deep learning, empowering customers to engage advisers online anonymously. For this talk, we will be presenting how we apply ML algorithms in our chat platform to parse financial planning questions. We employ a metaclassifier which comprises of a convolutional neural network to read plain text, classifying both users and the topics they ask on our platform to optimize the matching between advisers and users.

Jackie is the co-founder and CEO of fundMyLife, a platform that connects users to the right financial advisers based on their financial planning questions. His PhD in Nanyang Technological University involved 3D model reconstruction of nanoscale biomolecules using 2D images via k-means clustering and maximum likelihood models. Jackie of all trades, he has published papers on game theory and devised an algorithm that predicts drug sensitivity in cancer patients. He is also a prize-winning entrepreneur who built app solutions for organizations such as P&G, QuintilesIMS, and National Design Council Singapore.

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