Sandro Cavallari

Aspect extraction for opinion mining with a deep convolutional neural network

In this presentation, we present the first deep learning approach to aspect extraction in opinion mining. Aspect extraction is a subtask of sentiment analysis that consists in identifying opinion targets in opinionated text. A deep convolutional neural network has been used to tag each word in opinionated sentences as either aspect or non-aspect word. We also developed a set of linguistic patterns for the same purpose and combined them with the neural network. The resulting ensemble classifier, coupled with a word-embedding model for sentiment analysis, allowed our approach to obtain significantly better accuracy than state-of-the-art methods.

Sandro Cavallari received his BEng in Telecommunication Engineering in 2012 and his MEng in Computer Science in 2015 both from the University of Trento. After finalizing his thesis at the ADSC of Singapore in collaboration with the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, he has been awarded the prestigious SINGA scholarship and started his PhD at Nanyang Technological University in 2015 under the supervision of Dr Cambria. His research areas focus on the application of machine learning and natural language processing technique to perform stock market prediction.

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