Gracelyn Shi

Using Deep Learning to Unlock the Secrets of Gene Expression

Artificial intelligence has the power to unlock the secrets of gene expression. Using deep learning, the wealth of genomic information that is being created can be understood and used to improve healthcare, drug discovery, and develop new cures. Gracelyn will talk about how deep learning can be used to analyze genetic data and demo her project related to predicting transcription factor-DNA binding. She will also talk about the implications of using deep learning to extract meaningful conclusions from genetic data and what it will mean for the future of the genomics industry.

Gracelyn Shi is a 15-year-old machine learning developer and genomics researcher. She is interested in the intersection of technology and biology, especially artificial intelligence and genetics. She has developed machine learning projects related to machine learning detection, fluorescently tagging cells, and predicting transcription factor-DNA binding. She has worked with companies such as Walmart and Wealthsimple on consulting projects. She has also done research related to induced pluripotent stem cells and regenerative medicine. Her mentors include professionals and researchers in the regenerative medicine industry and machine learning industry.

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