Kate Taylor

Natural Language Processing to Direct Aid in a Natural Disaster

Every year more than 10,000 major earthquakes shake the world, affecting the lives of millions of people. Figuring out what aid is needed and where it should go can be difficult despite near-ubiquitous communication technology. In our project, we will use AI tools to tune in to social media to assist aid organizations like FEMA by identifying and locating natural disaster hotspots, guided by the successful deployment of such tools during Hurricane Irene and the Haiti earthquake. This project looks at tweets from Hurricane Sandy.

Kate Taylor is a high school junior in the Boston area and a Boston University AI4ALL alumna. As an AI4ALL Alumni Chapter Lead, she works to embody AI4ALL values, grow personally, and strengthen her community. As a young person in STEM, she believes she has a responsibility to support her peers and facilitate a safe space of discussion and dialogue where everyone can come together and feel truly supported and inspired. She is on the varsity swim team at her high school and is a swimming instructor at a local swim school

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