Francois Chaubard

Focal Systems Will Help Retailers Beat Amazon Go

Can a small inexpensive camera system on a cart beat Amazon Go? At Focal Systems, we have taken a completely different approach to solving automated checkout. We use Deep Learning Computer Vision and sensor fusion to accurately track every item that enters or exits the shopping trolley. The result is a much more scalable solution that allows large format stores to adopt auto checkout, delivering positive ROI to the store and a frictionless experience for shoppers.

Francois was an EE masters, and then CS masters from Stanford University. He researched Deep Learning and Computer Vision under Fei Fei Li in the Computer Vision and Geometry Lab. Francois worked as a Deep Learning Researcher at Apple working on secret projects. Before that, he was a Missile Guidance Algorithm Engineer at Lockheed Martin working on Kalman filter/Information theory. In his current role, in addition to leading the company, Francois heads up Deep Learning Research at Focal Systems.

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