Nikolaos Lamprou

Deep Learning as a Catalyst for Decoding Customer Behaviour

The smartphone has become an extension of one’s self. It has become the focal point of any activity or interaction a user has with the world including communication, entertainment, commerce, banking and navigation. As a consequence, information regarding the utilisation of such devices can reveal useful insights about a user’s behaviour and needs. At Vodafone our mission is to use data to develop personalised products and services and build a personalised relationship with customers in order to offer them a unique customer experience. In my talk, I will describe how deep learning techniques are being used at Vodafone to better understand how our customers interact with our products and how that knowledge can help us to make appropriate, more relevant propositions.

Nikolaos Lamprou is a senior data scientist at Vodafone UK where he is a member of the Big Data and Advanced Analytics team. He has worked on various use cases within the telco industry for the last 4 years where he has championed the use of new techniques and technologies. Nik holds physics degrees from the universities of Oxford and Athens but his interests now lie in all things Deep Learning, Distributed Computing, Reinforcement Learning, and Natural Language Processing.

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