Alison B Lowndes

Deep Learnings Impact on Modern Life

The 60 year old research field, within Artificial Intelligence, has recently exploded across both media and academia. Research breakthroughs are now filtering into almost every facet of human life; commercial and personal. What was apparently sci-fi – machines that can see, hear and understand the world around them – is fast becoming the norm, on a grand scale. We take a closer look at the reality of the perfect storm created by society’s big data and NVIDIA’s GPU computational power.

Deep Learning Solutions Architect and Community Manager EMEA. Very recent mature graduate in Artificial Intelligence (University of Leeds), combining technical and theoretical computer science with a physics background. Completed a very thorough empirical study of deep learning, specifically with GPU technology, covering the entire history and technical aspects of GPGPU with underlying mathematics. 25+ years in international project management and entrepreneurship, Founder Trustee of a global volunteering network (in her spare time) and two decades spent within the internet arena, provide her a universal view of any problem.

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