Andrew Simpson

Perpetual Learning Machines: Deep Neural Networks with Brain-like On-The-Fly Learning & Forgetting

Deep neural networks are often compared to the brain. However, in reality, deep neural networks cannot do what the brain does – learn on the fly – they must be trained before being used and forever after they are frozen in a single state of knowledge, never to improve, never again to learn. In this talk I introduce the Perpetual Learning Machine – a new type of deep neural network that learns on the fly, remembers and forgets like a brain.

Andrew Simpson holds a PhD in Human Auditory Perception and is a former games industry software engineer. He is a Research Fellow in the Centre for Vision, Speech and Signal Processing at the University of Surrey and also holds the position of Honorary Research Associate at the Ear Institute, University College London. His main interests are artificial neural networks and signal processing for speech and music. Dr Simpson has published 10 papers on Deep Learning since January this year.

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