Marie-Francine Moens

Machine Understanding of Language: How Can a Machine Learn?

The lecture presents the main findings of the EU MUSE project, which has focused on natural language understanding. MUSE automatically translates the content of children’s stories into events happening in a virtual world. We discuss the importance of world and common sense knowledge in language understanding. The lecture will then describe machine learning methods on how to acquire this knowledge, among which is the acquisition based on other textual and visual data. We conclude with a demo on language understanding.

Marie-Francine Moens is a professor at the department of Computer Science of KU Leuven, where she heads the Language Intelligence and Information Retrieval group ( She is author of more than 280 international peer reviewed publications and of several books. She is involved in the organization or program committee (as program chair, area chair or reviewer) of major conferences on computational linguistics, information retrieval and machine learning. In 2011 and 2012 she was appointed as chair of the European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics (EACL). She is the scientific manager of the EU COST action iV&L (The European Network on Integrating Vision and Language). She was appointed as Scottish Informatics and Computer Science Alliance (SICSA) Distinguished Visiting Fellow in 2014.

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