Rodolfo Rosini

The current batch of AI startups are being driven by mobile technology, even the ones outside the mobile industry, but how is that sustainable in the long term? Where is the growth? How is it possible to compete against incumbents and which areas to avoid. Rodolfo will introduce a investment thesis framework to evaluate AI startups both from an investor and from an entrepreneur's perspective. Whether it is being considered starting an AI company, funding one or expanding an existing business in that direction this framework will help evaluate opportunities in an agnostic approach regardless of the vertical market.

Rodolfo is the co-founder and co-CEO of and previously founder at Storybricks. His mission is about using AI to improve the user experience on mobile for the enterprise market. Rodolfo is a serial entrepreneur having taken multiple startups from inception to market, recruited their management teams, raised VC funding for each and successfully sold one. His background is information security and entered the AI market by building large scale simulations for computer games.

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